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Ultra Electronics X-Kryptor Confidential
Mobile and Remote working

Ultra Electronics X-Kryptor Confidential

Ultra Electronics
Ultra Electronics X-Kryptor
X-Kryptor Confidential Controlled
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X-Kryptor Confidential Smart
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The Ultra Electronics AEP X-Kryptor Confidential (XKC) solution provides IP VPN capability to enable remote access over the internet for "UK CONFIDENTIAL" networks (existing customer networks) and OFFICIAL tier (new customer networks). The personal encryption device connects to a client PC via USB. The solution provides both the network encryption and device separation required when connecting devices to untrusted networks. The device is powered entirely by the client PC and will transfer data at up to 7 Mbps.


The XKC solution comes in two versions, XKC CONTROLLED and XKC SMART. Each version is designed to provide the maximum level of control and security to meet customer requirements.

XKC Controlled

To prevent users from using the device in non-approved environments, the device is pre-populated with up to 5 Wi-Fi hotspot SSID and password paired combinations, chosen and configured by system admin staff.

When activated the XKC will automatically search for the approved SSID and register the device to the Wi-Fi network. The XKC cannot be used to connect to Wi-Fi hotspots not approved by system admin staff.

XKC Smart

The XKC SMART allows the user to configure a secure Wi-Fi connection in any location where a Wi-Fi hotspot is available. The XKC SMART is also compatible with captive portals where user authentication or pre-payment must be made before connection and this is achieved securely using any Wi-Fi enabled smartphone or tablet.

This feature is provided by an on-board interface to authenticate any publicly available Wi-Fi Internet access from outside the secure zone. XKC SMART removes the 5 paired SSID/Password restriction imposed with the CONTROLLED version.

Upgrade Path

For existing customers with the standard XKC CONTROLLED, the SMART functionality is provided by the purchase of a software upgrade and USB hub.

X-Kryptor ™ Confidential (XKC)


  • CONTROLLED and SMART options
  • Secures wired and wireless networks
  • Protects data in transit
  • Supports home and mobile working
  • Compatible with xDSL, Wi-Fi and 3G
  • Prevents unauthorised access to your network
  • Scalable for small and large organisations
  • Certified to CAPS Enhanced Grade and authorised for OFFICIAL tier
  • Upgradable to support PRIME


X-Kryptor Confidential Specifications
OS Support Microsoft Windows 8, 7, XP (SP3)
Interfaces Plaintext: USB 2.0 (data), USB 1.1 (aux. power)
Ciphertext: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet (RJ45), USB 1.1
Regulatory Approval CE Mark
Power <3 Watts
Powered via host USB port
Dimensions 110mm x 75mm x 40mm
Weight: 260g
Performance Download: 3Mbps
Upload: 7Mbps
Security Encryption AES-256 CBC
Authentication DSA, SHA-256
ESP Tunnel (IPv4)
AES Wrap for Key Protection
Split Key and application of GCKDF
Key Management Authentication X.509
Key Agreement, Custom & National Standards
Environmental Operating: -5 to +45ºC
Non-Operating -10ºC to +70ºC
Relative Humidity 93% maximum, non-condensing


Download the Ultra Electronics X-Kryptor Confidential Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

Ultra Electronics
Ultra Electronics X-Kryptor
X-Kryptor Confidential Controlled
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X-Kryptor Confidential Smart
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