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Ultra Electronics Ultra Safe
Stores and protects cryptographic keying material on a purpose built and physically separate Hardware Security Module (HSM) called Keyper.

Ultra Electronics Ultra Safe

AEP's highly secure cryptographic equipment is deployed worldwide in critical systems to provide the assured digital signatures and key generation and storage mechanisms that are the cornerstones of cyber security.

The quality and security of digital signing operations underpins most business that is carried out on-line whether for commercial or government communities. Systems and solutions such as Public and Private Key Infrastructures, document and transaction security, user identity management and authenticated code, downloads and communications rely on AEP's secure digital signature and key generation and storage capabilities.

The Ultra Safe KeyperPlus Hardware Security Module (HSM) offers the next generation security platform for managing cryptographic keys and protecting sensitive applications. It is a hardware security module designed for managing mission critical applications that demand maximum security. It is ideally suited for companies that need secure key management for certification authorities, registration authorities, OCSP responders, smart card issuers, web servers and other applications. Keyper allows the FIPS-certified Security Officer and authorized user to generate, store and use high quality keys within a tamper reactive, Ethernet-connected HSM.

Typical uses include:

The Ultra Safe Keyper is ideally suited to businesses deploying a cryptographic system where the protection of cryptographic keys is a priority, for example, in organizations requiring certificate signing, code or document signing, bulk generation or ciphering of keys or data.

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Keyper HSM

Keyper HSM FIPS 140-2 Level 4 inside

Cryptosec Banking HSM

Cryptosec Articles

Cryptosec Banking is a high-performance network-attached financial cryptographic server equipped with full functionality to ensure transaction security and key storage. The server integrates all the standard commands and functions of the banking and security sectors, including EMV.

The Cryptosec Banking solution is a reliable HSM and is used extensively by numerous banks across the world. It complies with the latest EMV standards applicable to smart cards, contactless cards and mobile transactions, and is compatible with the main Payment Card software applications e.g. Card Verification, ATM Interchange, Cash Card Reloading, Data Integrity, Chip Card Transaction Processing, etc.

Cryptosec Banking is the only HSM designed for the financial sector offering full functionality based on standards without any future costs for the addition of new cryptographic functions or commands. Thanks to the continuous updates, our customers are not required to replace their servers every few years due to standard or functionality obsolescence.

All these features when combined with the superior performance (up to 15000 t.p.s.) and excellent cost-benefit ratio to maximize ROI, make Cryptosec Banking the smartest choice HSM for the banking sector.

Cryptosec Banking Hardware Security Module

Cryptosec Banking Hardware Security Module - FIPS 140-2 Level 3 inside