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Ultra Electronics TrustCall
A convenient and cost-effective secure-voice solution for smartphones



A convenient and cost-effective secure-voice solution for smartphones

It is estimated that more than 890 million smartphones are currently in use in government and commercial environments. While these tools greatly enhance productivity and convenience, they are susceptible to the same voice security vulnerabilities as any other mobile devices - a concern that is particularly relevant given recent reports on the security of the global system for communication (GSM) encryption codes. Though secure voice solutions exist, they have traditionally been expensive, difficult to acquire, cumbersome to operate and easily recognizable.

The Solution

Ultra Electronics AEP offers a secure voice solution for smartphones that is discreet, easy-to-use and cost-effective. TrustCall uses a proprietary hardened encryption module called TrustChip® to create a differentiating cyber security solution. With TrustCall, users can have seamless voice protection whenever and wherever they need to place a sensitive call. And it can be deployed on a client’s network or in a hosted environment while providing a central platform to manage, activate and terminate secure communications in near real-time.

TrustCall Advantage

TrustCall quickly and seamlessly integrates into the client's environment without the need for advanced training or custom handsets. TrustCall also costs less than other options and it can be easily removed and reinstalled into other compatible smartphones, as needed, making it extremely portable and convenient.

How it Works

Once TrustCall is installed, all a user needs to do to place a secure call is to select the contact from the device address book, select the “Place Secure Call” option and press “send.” TrustCall does the rest.

Rapid Deployment

TrustCall can be installed in the client environment in one day. Deployment and management is delivered through the management platform, TrustCenter. TrustCenter provides the user with complete control, including easy-to-configure access control and enhanced security capabilities for the TrustCall solution.


Hardware anchored security for mobile solutions

TrustChip® is a mobile encryption engine, it delivers plug-in hardware-based information protection to mobile security solutions. TrustChip® is a 32-bit crypto processor providing 256-bit AES within its core. A highly specialised security module, TrustChip® provides security above and beyond standard device capabilities.

Today, TrustChip® is the mobile encryption engine for premier security solutions deployed by government, enterprise and is offered by leading wireless operators and is designed to solve today’s mobile security challenges. TrustChip® provides universal operation across the diverse market of mobile and PC platforms, providing both users and developers implementation efficiencies. Its portable design is well matched to short mobile device life cycles and allows organisations to mount enterprise security on employee-owned devices.

Easily add strong security

The TrustChip® solution delivers security without compromise. Its AES encryption is FIPS validated, the key certification for government use. Its hardware design insulates it from attacks on the mobile device it protects and ensures the integrity of the applications and mobile security solutions it anchors.

TrustChip® is hardened with protections from physical attack and is architected with numerous logical defences including an encrypted, hardware-based, boot loader to ensure proper operations for itself and the apps it secures. Such features are simply not available in software-only systems.

Trust engine provides the hardware anchor to mobile security solutions.

TrustChip® makes mobile security solutions more secure, more efficient and more transportable. It simplifies the mobile security challenge while simultaneously increasing the integrity of mobile security deployments. Broadly compatible, TrustChip® provides a common encryption engine across the diverse landscape of mobile devices, operating systems, security solutions and user applications. This architecture shields security processes from attacks on mobile software and the mobile device itself.

Benefit from TrustChip®

  • Hardware-anchored protection
  • FIPS Validated solution
  • Integrity anchor, fortifies any app
  • Insulated from attacks on host
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • AES 256-bit encryption
  • Per packet keying
  • Authentication end-to-end
  • Group-based security

Supported Platforms

  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • PCs
  • Servers

Supported Operating Systems

  • RIM
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Win Server
  • Linux
  • Symbian

TrustCall Desk - Encrypted VoIP desk phone communications:

The Challenge

The workforce may be scattered with employees working from the corporate office, satellite offices, from home, or even from the road. The challenge is how to ensure that communication between employees, partners and customers is safe, private, and secure? Whether it's office to mobile, mobile to mobile, or mobile to office, these calls are exposed to interception. Critical information is vulnerable every time the work force places a call. Increasingly, voice communications are targeted by hostile parties, this may be for financial gain, corporate espionage, state sponsored attacks, or just plain criminal activity. Additionally, social engineering has become the weapon of choice for many attackers.

AEP Solution

AEP offers TrustCall Desk, enabling the work force to place secure calls with the comfort and convenience of a desk phone. AEP offers the complete mobile data security solution and solves these problems via a patented technology, the core of which is the TrustChip® “security engine.” TrustChip® is a microSD-based hardware token that is tamper resistant and delivers AEP’s key management, encryption, and authentication system. Insulated from the operating system and the connected device, critical security is always safeguarded

TrustCall Advantage

Only Ultra Electronics AEP's TrustCall solution incorporates both hardware and software technology. By using TrustChip, TrustCall’s cutting edge technology it transforms compatible desk phone into a low cost, easy to deploy, secure, encrypted device.

TrustCall Desk enables secure calling to:

  • Smartphones with the TrustCall app
  • Other TrustCall Desk phones
  • Enterprise desk phones, via AEP's TrustBridge


  • Based on patented TrustChip and TrustCall technology
  • MicroSD form factor
  • Discrete and Confidential
  • Easily set up and operated
  • Cross platform secure call notification


  • Hardware-anchored by AEP TrustChip
  • AES-256 encryption
  • FIPS 140-2, Level 1 validated
  • Innovative TrustGroup-based authentication


Compatible with TrustCall app running on tablets and phones:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iPhone
  • Enterprise PBX phones via TrustBridge

TrustText - Delivering SMS encryption for safe and secure smartphones text messaging:

The Challenge

Short Message Service (SMS) communication is an effective method to quickly relay critical or sensitive information in a brief, succinct text message. This invaluable form of communication can positively impact the daily operations of all market segments (commercial, military and public safety). While SMS security is adequate for most open communications, it does not provide secure transmission for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) level messages. SMS security is limited to the cellular networks that it travels across: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) or Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). Both offer limited security protection to adequately prevent information from being exposed. As the mobile workforce expands at an unprecedented rate, so too does their reliance on smartphones to stay connected and productive. To ensure the safety of their SMS communications, enterprises must make mobile security requirements a top priority.

The Solution

Ultra Electronics AEP has expanded its mobile security solutions to now protect text messaging with TrustText for smartphones. TrustText encrypts and decrypts SMS text messages across GSM and CDMA networks. AEP's solution combines an easy-to-use application with a tamper resistant microSD encryption card that can be remotely managed. The end result is a powerful encryption solution for CUI SMS transmissions. Whether sending or receiving the message, TrustText provides the best in security strength and operational flexibility anywhere that mobile service is offered. Being assured of end-to-end security from the originating smartphone, through the network, to the destination device – regardless of any vulnerability in the underlying networks. What’s more TrustText guarantees delivery notification of SMS texts as well as notification whether or not your message has been viewed by the recipient for added convenience and reassurance.

Rapid Deployment

With the goal of minimising cost and risks, AEP can install the highly scalable and rapidly deployable TrustText in most client environments in one day. An organisation can choose from either a turnkey hosted offering or a lightweight private installation – whatever best fits the need. Either approach will provide companies with easy-to-configure features rich and enhanced security capabilities for the TrustText solution.

TrustCenter - Enterprise crypto management system:

The Threat

Globally, commercial espionage and intellectual property theft are increasing at alarming rates. Today, the leading path of these attacks is via smartphones - voice, text and data. The theft of data and the 'hijacking' or eavesdropping of conversations has resulted in corporate financial losses, intellectual property theft, breaches of national security and virus exploits within sensitive networks.

The Solution

Ultra Electronics AEP offers the complete solution by solving these problems via a patented technology, the core of which is the TrustChip® 'security engine'. TrustChip® comes in a microSD form factor that is tamper resistant and contains the management, encryption, and authentication process.

AEP has TrustCenter, the security management system that provides the ability to centrally manage secure end-to-end mobile communications for every member in a trusted network. TrustCenter provides all of the tools and services necessary to manage the TrustChip® security processors throughout the business. TrustCenter enables smartphones to receive updated TrustGroup information and other policy data. Once configured, the TrustCenter typically requires minimal administrator intervention.

TrustCenter Key Features:

  • Includes a web-based application, accessible via a browser over the network.
  • Allows for simple, secure, remote management to organisations TrustChip®, TrustGroup security associations, users and their connected devices.
  • Provides outward-facing services that allow for secure, remote "over the air" management of TrustChip®
  • Includes a device-based application that handles the connected device end of communications.
  • Enterprise and Carrier Ready
  • The AEP TrustCenter scales from small business deployments through large scale enterprises all the way to carrier grade managed service deployments.

TrustBridge - Encrypted mobile to enterprise desktop communications:

The Challenge

According to the IDC Market Analysis Report, 34.9% of the workforce were mobile by 2013 and were using mobile devices to talk about confidential corporate information. Whether it’s mobile to mobile or mobile to the corporate office, these calls are unsecured and exposed to interception, and a companies critical information is vulnerable every time the workforce checks the corporate voice mail system or join a conference bridge.

Increasingly, mobile voice communications are being targeted by hostile parties. This may be for financial gain, corporate espionage, hostile nationstates, or just plain criminals. There are now numerous methods by which these elements can crack into communications, and totally compromise confidential information.

Ultra Electronics AEP Solution

AEP offers TrustBridge, enabling workers to place secure calls between the office and mobile devices. Using the same technology, mobile workers can remotely check their office voice mail and join conference calls without fear of interception.

AEP offers the complete mobile data security solution and solves these problems via a patented technology, the core of which is the TrustChip® “security engine.” TrustChip® is a microSD-based hardware token that is tamper resistant and delivers AEP’s key management, encryption, and authentication system. This self-contained security computer provides a device-independent hardware anchor for applications that harness its power. Insulated from the operating system and the connected mobile devices, critical security is always safeguarded.

TrustBridge Advantage

Only AEP’s mobile security solution incorporates both hardware and software technology. Due to AEP’s unique partnership with an experienced VoIP integrator, a turnkey solution is available to simplify deployment.

TrustBridge enables you to:

  • Securely call smartphones from the office.
  • Securely call office from smartphones.
  • Securely join conference calls from smartphones.
  • Securely access PBX based features such as voicemail or conferencing.
  • Securely route domestic and international calls to PSTN through the PBX.
  • Securely call out to any phone on the public switched telephone network.


  • Based on patented TrustChip® technology
  • MicroSD form factor
  • Works with a wide variety of PBX systems: standard
  • SIP/RTP, Microsoft Lync, Cisco, and many others
  • Deployed as a plugin module for Asterisk VoIP servers


  • Hardware-anchored by AEP TrustChip®
  • AES-256 encryption
  • IPS 140-2 validated
  • Patented TrustGroup-based authentication

Supported Platforms

All platforms supported by Asterisk


  • GSM
  • CDMA
  • WiFi
  • LTE


Compatible with TrustCall app running on:

  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • iPhone

TrustBox - Secure Storage:


Ultra Electronics AEP's TrustBox is an Android application that uses TrustChip® encryption to securely store files in the cloud. TrustBox can store encrypted files on Dropbox, Amazon S3, or directly within a device’s storage. TrustBox leverages the TrustChip® cryptographic hardware and proprietary software to eliminate the risk of data intercepts across the carrier infrastructure. When a TrustChip® enabled device attempts to upload or download data via TrustBox, data is encrypted and transmitted over a secure data channel.

Enhanced Mobile Security

TrustBox communication is facilitated by the TrustCenter, which is responsible for:

  • Providing enhanced, Web-based, “Out of Band” control to allow the authentication, encryption, and decryption of TrustChip communication before delivery
  • Assigning, storing, and authenticating User IDs, TrustChip® IDs, and Device IDs
  • Maintaining active directories of authenticated users, restricted to administrator-defined TrustGroups
  • Facilitating TrustApp communications between authenticated users belonging to the same TrustGroups
  • Utilising push technology to notify users of incoming communication.

TrustBox Features:

  • Provides cryptographic TrustChip® hardware and proprietary software to eliminate voice traffic intercepts
  • Functions as a user-friendly application with security and operational flexibility
  • Provides secure data transmission between TrustChip® enabled devices and Dropbox, Amazon S3, or a device’s local storage.
  • Can be deployed on a client’s network or in a hosted environment
  • Can be managed from a central platform to activate and terminate secure communications in real-time
  • Requires no special equipment for deployment and is easily removed and reinstalled into other compatible devices


Download the TrustCall Datasheet (PDF).

Download the TrustChip Datasheet (PDF).

Download the TrustCall Desk Datasheet (PDF).

Download the TrustText Datasheet (PDF).

Download the TrustCenter Datasheet (PDF).

Download the TrustBridge Datasheet (PDF).

Download the TrustBox Datasheet (PDF).