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Ultra Electronics MegaPAC V-IX
Secure Communications Optimised Packet Engine

Ultra Electronics MegaPAC

Ultra Electronics
Ultra Electronics MegaPAC
MegaPAC V-IX 7000
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Scalability and Efficiency

Ultra Electronics  MegaPACThe MegaPAC V-IX 7000 platform is a new generation of product, which is able to leverage high-end processors while protecting the skills our customers have in the operating system. Although we have introduced a user-friendly interface the essential strengths of our operating system are preserved. Large networks typically require complex configurations and as they expand become increasingly dependant on the ability to easily manage these while maintaining the flexibility of adequate processing power.


Although not the absolute measure in terms of ability, packet handling speed is a barrier which is invariably reached on any platform. Designing a system that provides the necessary excess capacity has driven our development to be able to launch this product with more than sufficient processing power to handle our customers' current requirements. As a high-end VPN termination platform the MegaPAC V-IX 7000 is able to handle in excess of 1000 protocol tunnels. Utilising modern architecture the increased memory and thus increased availability of buffers means the network configurations able to be handled are dramatically increased. A further advantage is that these are achievable on a single platform. Our existing SNMP management platform is seamlessly available too, providing further protection of our customers' investment.

Redesigned Architecture

The redesigned architecture features a solid state flash drive replacing the HDD with a16-slot high speed cPCI BUS based on the PICMG 2.16 standard. All modules are hotswap with an option for a second standby/failover CPU for high availability and continuity of operations. Each CPU can be upgraded, configured and tested individually without impacting operations and then rolled out to the other CPU. Each MegaPAC V-IX 7000 chassis supports up to 80 serial ports at speeds of 2Mbps and dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

Key Features:

  • Main CPU supporting packet rates up to 100,000 PPS (Depending on application)
  • 2 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet interfaces, with VLAN support
  • Up to 80 serial ports supporting speeds to 2Mbps
  • Optional second CPU operating in standby/ failover mode
  • Hot swap WAN Modules
  • Up to four load sharing hot swap power supplies
  • Hot swap Fan Tray
  • Auto synchronisation of configurations of systems in a cluster
  • 10,000 concurrent connections
  • Can be managed by SNMP, MegaWATCH or NMVT systems
  • Ability to store up to 5 separate configurations
  • Optional Environmental Module for monitoring temperature, voltage and fan fail


Functional Specifications

Serial Link Support


  • Vados V-TES architecture
  • Frame Relay
  • Switched & PVC
  • TCP/IP PPP (RFC 1331), SLIP
  • TPAD
  • X.25 (1980 & 1984), X.32
  • OSI Transport (Class 0, 2, 3)
  • V.25bis
  • Async port up to 115.2Kbaud (X.3, X.28, X.29)
  • HDLC transparent pass-through
  • Bandwidth management
  • Auto link back-up
  • Link and Channel bonding


  • APACs 30+40
  • X.42
  • SMDS

Terminal Emulation


  • TCP Telnet (Client & Server)
  • Transparent Telnet (RFC 1006)


  • ICL 7561
  • Hitachi T560
  • IBM 3270 (inc.Kanji)
  • Telnet (RFC 1646)

IBM Networking


  • SDLC
  • QLLC
  • Ethernet DLC

Bandwidth Optimisation


  • V-TES (VADOS Proprietary)
  • IP/UDP Header compression
  • IP/UDP/RTP Header compression
  • Voice-frame multiplexing

TCP/IP Routing & Ethernet Support


  • MAC bridging, IP routing
  • OSI TP4
  • BootP Client
  • DHCP client
  • DHCP Server
  • IP/UDP encapsulation with DiffServ
  • Port/Address Filtering
  • Metro Ethernet 802.1p
  • 802.1q Ethernet trunk


  • IPX routing, OSI ES-IS
  • DLC local termination

Satellite Networking


  • Vados VTES
  • SCPC , TDM/SCPC (Integral Support)
  • TDMA (I-Direct, ViaSat, Hughes)
  • Inmarsat BGAN/RBGAN
  • Asymmetrical & Symmetrical clocking
  • Data Splitter/Combiner
  • TCP Acceleration
  • Serial VSAT Terrestrial Link Back up
  • IP VSAT Terrestrial Link Back up

Management Support


  • Local async console (RS232)
  • Virtual port for remote access
  • SNMP (MIBs: MIB2 & Enterprise)
  • megaWATCH (SNMP Management)
  • Billing and Accounting
  • Local/Remote configuration, upload, download, TFTP
  • Remote software download, TFTP
  • Internal protocol Data scope
  • Menu and Presentation Service
  • Security (Password, address validation)


  • IBM Netview


Download the Ultra Electronics MegaPAC V-IX Datasheet (PDF).

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Ultra Electronics
Ultra Electronics MegaPAC
MegaPAC V-IX 7000
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