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Ultra Electronics Cryptosec Banking HSM
High-performance network-attached financial cryptographic server


Cryptosec Banking HSM

Ultra Electronics
Ultra Electronics Cryptosec
Cryptosec Banking HSM
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Cryptosec Banking is a high-performance network-attached financial cryptographic server equipped with full functionality to ensure transaction security and key storage. The server integrates all the standard commands and functions of the banking and security sectors, including EMV.

The Cryptosec Banking solution is a reliable HSM and is used extensively by numerous banks across the world. It complies with the latest EMV standards applicable to smart cards, contactless cards and mobile transactions, and is compatible with the main Payment Card software applications e.g. Card Verification, ATM Interchange, Cash Card Reloading, Data Integrity, Chip Card Transaction Processing, etc.

Cryptosec Banking is the only HSM designed for the financial sector offering full functionality based on standards without any future costs for the addition of new cryptographic functions or commands. Thanks to the continuous updates, our customers are not required to replace their servers every few years due to standard or functionality obsolescence.

All these features when combined with the superior performance (up to 15000 t.p.s.) and excellent cost-benefit ratio to maximize ROI, make Cryptosec Banking the smartest choice HSM for the banking sector.


Security Features

  • Two-factor Authentication of security officers using optional smart cards
  • Physical lock and/or smart cards control authorisation levels
  • Tamper-resistant & Tamper-responsive (e.g. Detection of cover removal, unauthorised access attempt, memory erase)
  • Device Function’s Access Customisation - Disable functions not required by the application to minimise potential risks
  • Audit Logs

Operational Features

  • Industry leading performance. Achive up to 15000 t.p.s(1) using a single Cryptosec Banking(2)
  • Remote HSM Manager eliminates the requirement of security admin travels thereby reducing costs.
  • Robust features in the form of dual power supplies and dual Giga-Ethernet ports to maximise uptime.
  • Software-updates. Stay up to date with periodical updates. Standards and regulatory changes require frequent system updates. Obtain peace of mind with all-included update service.
  • Detailed documentation and dedicated support to ease the deployment process

(1) Performance may vary depending on type of transaction and external factors such as network connectivity.

(2) Realsec recommends deployment of minimum 2 units to avoid data loss and reduce recovery times in case of unexpected disaster.


Payment Systems

  • PIN and smart card verification functions for VISA/MasterCard/American Express.
  • EMV 3.X and 4.X transactions and messaging, including encryption command sequences and digital signatures: DAC and IDN calculation/validation, ARQC verification and ARPC generation.
  • PIN functions: PIN calculation and verification (DUKPT), PIN management, offset calculation and PIN translation, Printing of PINs in blind envelops.
  • Validation codes: code calculation and verification, CVC calculation and verification.

Key Management

  • RSA Remote Key Transport
  • DUKPT for PIN and Data Encryption
  • Master/Session Key Scheme

Cryptographic Algorithms

  • Symmetric
  • DES & Triple-DES (Key lengths 112 or 168 bit)
  • Asymmetric
  • RSA (up to 2048 bit)
  • Hashing & MAC
  • SHA-1
  • SHA-2 (224, 256, 384, 512)
  • MD5
  • 3DES X9, 3DES X9.19 (Reail-MAC)

Host Connectivity

  • TCP/IP (Dual Gigabit Interface)
  • Asynchronous (VT-100 Terminal)

Applications Supported(3)

  • ACI: BASE24, Postilion
  • Aconite: Affina Enterprise, Mobile Application Manager
  • BPC: SmartVista
  • Clear2Pay: Open card System
  • CompassPlus: TranzWare Online, TranzWare Card Factory
  • CR2: BankWorld, CardWorld
  • CreditCall: CardEase Mobile
  • Euronet: Integrated Transaction Management
  • First Data: VisionPlus
  • FIS: Connex, Cortex
  • Gemalto: Ezio on Mobile
  • Jack Henry Banking: jhaPassPort
  • Lusis: Tango
  • OpenWay: Way4, Way4 Data Preparation and Card Personalisation
  • Prime Factors: Bank Card Security System
  • Royal Gate: Paygate
  • RS2: Bankworks, Bankworks Issuing
  • Tieto: Payment Suite, Card Suite
  • TII Smart Solutions: TranServer
  • TPS: IRIS Enterprise Switch
  • TSYS: Prime, Prime Issuer
  • Wincor Nixdorf: ProcClassic/Enterprise

(3) Crytosec Banking is compatible with most applications offering support for Thales 9000.

Electrical and Physical Characteristics

  • Networking: Dual Gig-E (100/1000 Mbps)
  • Power: Dual Power supply for resilience
  • Dimension: 2U 19” rack
  • Operating Temperature: 10°C to 35°C
  • Operating Humidity: 10 % to 90% non-condensing
  • Environment Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Power Requirements: AC 100 to 240 V (50/60 Hz)
  • Power Consumption: 100W


Download the Cryptosec Banking HSM datasheet (PDF).

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Ultra Electronics
Ultra Electronics Cryptosec
Cryptosec Banking HSM
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