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Ultra Electronics Cryptify Call
Securing Communication



Cryptify Call

For most organisations, wiretapping of key individuals would cause severe damage.Using Cryptify Call is as simple as making an ordinary phone call or sending messages. As it runs on your Smartphone, you always have a secure alternative available that you know how to use.

The security is based on well proven, state-of-the-art cryptography such as MIKEYSAKKE for key exchange and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for media protection.

The solution offers an intuitive, easy-to-use, management system that gives the organisation absolute and exclusive control of all key material in their, so called, Security Domain. Compared with conventional encryption solutions which are associated with costly and complex IT projects, and in many cases dedicated encryption terminals. Cryptify Call provides a cost effective, certified, solution using standardised communication technology and modern cryptography.

Values & Benefits:

The Cryptify Call solution provides end-to-end encrypted and authenticated voice and messaging communication over existing mobile broadband or Wi-Fi networks.

Being able to utilise Wi-Fi networks in addition to mobile broadband networks does not only provide extra resilience of the service availability, but also a cost efficient alternative when traveling abroad.

The architecture is designed to completely keep security related information apart from other information. This enables each organisation to have full control of all security related information, while at the same time being able to share parts of the infrastructure with other organisations.

To enable vendor interoperability Cryptify Call is based on open standards and protocols.


The solution consists of:

  • Cryptify Caller Application for Smartphones
  • Cryptify Management Server, handling all cryptographic keys for the Security Domain
  • Cryptify Rendezvous Server, handling IP telephony functions in the Open Domain for non-sensitive data

The Cryptify Management Server operates off-line, i.e. is not connected to any network, and hence is completely isolated from Internet threats.

By providing each user with a set of keys, MIKEY-SAKKE algorithms enables an unlimited number of users to create an encrypted and authenticated relation to any user without using any online key server.

The Cryptify Management Server prints an initiation letter to each user containing the users keys. The data is encoded into a QR-code and scanned by the Cryptify Caller Application in order to be armed with the users keys. Once armed, the user can make encrypted calls.


Download the Ultra Electronics Cryptify Call Datasheet (PDF).