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Ultra Electronics AEP Networks designs, develops and manufactures the highest grade security and communications technologies tested and accredited to industry security standards, including CoCo, FIPS 140-2 Level 4 and CAPS. Our extensive portfolio of products and solutions protect the integrity of very sensitive data and are extremely reliable, survivable and resilient. These include:

Ultra Protect Secure Application Access - available as hardware,virtual appliance and End Point for Windows, Mac, Linux thin client, this enables secure, Web browser access to a broad range of business applications.

Ultra Encrypt IPSec VPN Encryptor - an independently assured encryptor that protects IP traffic across networks. It provides both data separation, confidentiality and source authentication for network traffic enabling high confidence VPN communications.

Ultra Safe Hardware Security Module - a hardware security module designed to generate, store and protect cryptographic keys for mission critical applications that demand maximum security. It is ideally suited for organisations that need secure key management for certification authorities, registration authorities, smart card issuers and other applications.

Ultra Communicate Managing a modern heterogeneous network can be a complex and time-consuming task. Ensuring that operations are optimised and secure is a continuous process that utilises resources that could be better spent on more business related roles. From managing PKI keys, through satellite connections to bandwidth optimisation the more of these tasks that can be automated and made to happen in the background, the better. That is why all Ultra Electronics AEP Network solutions have been designed to make the management of your network easier.

Our Deployable Communications range of solutions have been designed for businesses, governments and commercial organisations that have a need for a fast deployable and secure remote communications solution for day-to-day operations, and in emergency situations where conventional communications is not available, or when it is uneconomical to supply fixed telecom infrastructures. Our multi-purpose platforms provide a robust, reliable and highly supportable solution coupled with multi-service communications highly optimised for low-speed bandwidth applications such as Satellite. Used by armies and other agencies that require fast, reliable, secure deployable communications.

Our products and solutions are designed and developed entirely in-house and are used by over 5,000 blue chip customers in more than 60 countries.